Posted by: Budger | February 8, 2011

Stupid Kitchen Tricks I and II

Even though I’m blonde, and I occasionally have my “blonde” moments, I don’t consider myself a stupid person.  But every once in a while I do something, that looking back, I do the major forehead smack and yell “Budger what were you thinking?”  Lately these moments have been occurring in the kitchen.

I expect that with the emergence of my kitchen gene that I will try new things and that there will be successes and failures.  However, I was hoping to avoid Stupid Kitchen Tricks.

Stupid Kitchen Trick #1 – Never, ever place a perfectly seasoned HOT cast iron pan on top of a microfiber towel.  Granted it looked like a regular towel, and yes, you can burn off the synthetic fiber goo that melts on the bottom of your pan.  (This is where a flaming hot BBQ grill comes in handy.)  But you will have to reseason your pan, and you will need a new kitchen towel, as the old one will have a perfectly shaped hole – the size of your pan – burned into it.

Stupid Kitchen Trick #2 – No matter how easy flambe looks on TV, the flames will be taller and scarier.  Therefore don’t do it without the fire department on standby and the dogs pre-evacuated from the house.  I swear the flames on TV did not go that high.  Don’t worry, the house is still standing, but unfortunately it caused Budger’s heart to race, and took another life year off the battery of George.  And the sauce wasn’t that great anyway. 

I am really hoping this is not another gene emerging.  I didn’t have these problems when I didn’t cook.



  1. First, glad you survived the stupid kitchen tricks unscathed, Rhonda! We all have them. I tend to have more “boo boo’s” in life in general when I have put too much on my plate at once. I say reserve the flames for the special occasions out and I’ve been known to simple forget something is hot–even though I just took it out of the oven or removed it from the burner–and pick it up … burning myself nicely. 😉 Stay safe out there!


  2. Now we all know why my roots are gray. Sending Budgee a large ABC fire extinguisher and hard hat for next Christmas. I told you not to play with matches.

    • It was Budgee’s idea to make this recipe.

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