Posted by: Budger | January 15, 2011

Gluten Free Houston and My First Gluten-Free Apple Pie

The holidays would not be complete without pie.  And as my first Gluten Free holiday season approached, I was dreading having to give up pie.  I debated internally about baking my own gluten-free pie crust, but as discussed here previously, I really don’t like baking.  Having to get the canister of flour out of the pantry makes me more than a little obsessive compulsive about flour going everywhere.  Hey at least I’m honest about it.  Yes I know I really need to get some help with this, but my baking gene and I are currently not speaking to each other.  The cooking gene keeps trying to stage an intervention between the two of us, but no luck so far.  OK, OK so some of you are going to say that filling the pie is baking, but I can deal with that.  It’s the measuring of massive amounts of flour, spreading it out to roll dough, and the stickiness of the dough.  I get shivers just thinking about it. 

Making Apple Pie for Budgee is easy.  I just pick up some Pillsbury pre-made pie crust, and all I have to do is put it in a pan and fill it.  Voila!  Pie.  Not so easy for me.  Or was it?  Just when I was about to resign myself to an OCD afternoon, I got my weekly email update from Gluten Free Houston, and they had gluten-free pie shells.  Hallelujah!  Saved from the dreaded flour canister.  So I got up early on a Saturday, and headed over there first thing.  I picked up two pie crusts and some of their Herb Crostini bread.  Oh my was that good.  It was fresh out of the oven when I walked in the door, and the smell tantalized me all the way home.  More than once I seriously considered pulling over and breaking into the bread.  It made it home intact, but was half gone by the end of the day. 

And my gluten-free pie crusts?  Well one of them soon became Gluten-Free Apple Pie via The Pioneer Woman and her Dreamy Apple Pie recipe.  For the flour I used Gluten-Free King Arthur Flour.  So I did play in the flour a little bit, but not by spreading it out to roll a pie crust.  It only made me twitch a little. 

So how did it turn out?  Wonderful!  Below you will see my gluten-free Dreamy Apple Pie on the left next to Budgee’s regular one.  You tell me which one looks better.

The crust was very good, and the pie was, well, DREAMY.  And I didn’t have to go without or play in the flour.  And that’s all good.

Thank you Gluten Free Houston!   I must go back and get some more Herb Crostini bread.


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