Posted by: Budger | December 6, 2010

Getting Ready for the Holidays

In our house, we don’t do a lot of decorating.  We never have.  We like to focus on other aspects of the holidays.  We do our shopping for children’s charities, so usually our dining room is stacked with toys as we get them ready to take to the various pick up warehouses.

However we do have one tradition that has been in place for 10 years now.  It’s our annual puppy picture.  This started out as a picture in front of a Christmas Tree for our newly adopted puppies, and has become a Christmas tradition.  In the era of film, we would run through lots of photos to get the perfect shot.  Now in the era of digital, we go through even more pictures, and have created some very candid memories.  My favorite is below.  We happened to catch Molly and Lily in mid yawn, but if you didn’t know that you would swear that they are caroling.

Christmas Carolers 2007


So as we get ready for our Holiday season, and while I get caught up on my first gluten free Thanksgiving posts, I thought I would share Christmas in the Budger household through the years.  We’re still deciding on a theme and color scheme for this year’s photo, but check back, the 2010 picture will be here soon.

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  1. That caroling photo is too funny! It totally looks like they are singing. To catch both of them yawning at once … wow, that photo was meant to be! What cuties! I love all the photos. 🙂

    Everyone celebrates holidays differently. I say whatever works for you. I’m paring back on my decorations … only putting up the ones that really give me joy. 🙂

    Have a wonderful holiday season, Rhonda! Hugsss,

  2. How lucky am I to have such wonderful granddoggies. They are such fun and so sweet. Christmas hugs.


  3. I just love your pictures of your dogs. The pictures will make the scrouge smile.l..

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