Posted by: Budger | November 23, 2010

A Budger Weekend Part 2 – Roast Potato Leek Soup and Garlicky Chicken Thighs

A couple of weekends ago, Budgee was out-of-town, and I decided that I wanted to spend the weekend cooking.  It’s been very busy and stressful at work lately, and I just haven’t spent a lot of time doing the things that I enjoy.  So I already wrote about the first part of the weekend with Roasted Butternut Squash and Poblano Peppers, but I also cooked a second day.  I love to watch Barefoot Contessa on FoodNetwork, and in one of the episodes she made her Roasted Potato and Leek soup.  I love potatoes, and I love leeks, so I made a mental note that I needed to try that sometime.

So after cooking all day on Saturday, the girls and I settled down to an evening of movies, and I planned for Sunday cooking.  I love Barefoot Contessa.  There is something so calming about her voice, and I love her recipes.  I also love her kitchen.  This recipe was really easy to make.  As a matter of fact, I was surprised at how easy, and it was so good.  I even omitted the Parmesan, and it was still great.  I also omitted the Crispy Shallots, and instead topped it off with some crumbled bacon.   And when Budgee got back from his trip, he had some for dinner, and he liked it as well.  That’s always a good thing, since he’s such a picky eater.

The recipe can be found at  This also gave me another opportunity to play with my immersion blender.  Here is how it turned out.

The Barefoot Contessa's Roasted Potato Leek Soup

I then decided to make a recipe that I had seen over on Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom’s blog.  Heidi was the first Gluten Free blogger I communicated with when I was diagnosed with Celiac and had to go Gluten Free.  She has been incredibly helpful and supportive.  About 6 weeks after I was diagnosed, I had to go on a business trip, and Heidi gave me some great tips for surviving.  In addition to all her great support, she makes some amazing things, and when I saw this recipe on her website I had to try it.

Garlicky Chicken Thighs in a Red Pepper Sauce was very good, and it was very easy to make.  Unfortunately my picture did not turn out as well as Heidi’s, so for the tantalizing photo of the dish, I suggest you go to Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom, and check it out.  But here is my try at it.

Garlic Chicken Thighs in Red Pepper Sauce

Next up my first Gluten Free Thanksgiving.  We’ll see where that leads me on my journey.



  1. I LOVE your picture Rhonda! I am happy you liked the dish too, recipes like those are my kind of eating anymore, naturally GF!

    I just realized I still owe you an email (the past two months have been a blur for me), but I promise I will be in touch soon!


  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Heidi Kelly, Budger. Budger said: A Budger Weekend Part 2 – Roast Potato Leek Soup and Garlicky Chicken Thighs: […]

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