Posted by: Budger | November 16, 2010

Lily’s New Doo

Lily, my love, my baby, my wonderful little rescue dog is a conundrum of fur.  She has the oddest coat, and we’ve spent the greater part of the last 3 years trying to figure out where she inherited it.  She has a little topknot that I love to twirl into a Unicorn spike.  And the hair on her head is incredibly soft.

The rest of her coat is traditional terrier – very wiry.  The pros it sheds dirt and oils like a precision machine.  The cons, it sheds like a precision machine.  There is now Lily fur everywhere – Denver, San Antonio, Fayetteville, California, Wyoming, New York.  You name it, and it has Lily fur.  But the biggest conundrum is her fur on her back.  It is a Lion’s mane – long over her shoulders and short along her back.  When she is mad, it stands straight out, and she looks like a little lioness.  And then to top off her Lily look, she has a goatee that can very quickly get out of hand.  We love her look.  It’s Lily.

Lily and her Lion Mane

So it was time to get our Westie Twins, Molly and Maggie my other loves, groomed, so I made an appointment for Lily as well.  I’ve had her groomed before, and all they’ve done is shorten her coat.  But it still had its original character.  This time we had a miscommunication, and Lily came prancing out of the groomer with a very short coat.  She looks like she joined the Marines.  But it was cute in its own right, so I couldn’t be too upset.  And she is so soft.  So the pros, she is so soft to cuddle, and she’s not shedding as much.  The cons, she doesn’t have her Lion’s mane.  And Lily – well Lily is not real thrilled because the next day a cold front came through.

Lily with her new doo

Sorry it is not a very good picture.  It’s from my Blackberry. 

The worst part – when she’s outside in the cold, I know she’s mad, but you can’t see it in her fur.  Sorry Lily.  It’s like your Grandpa Budge used to always say, “the only thing between a good haircut and a bad haircut is 2 weeks.”



  1. Woohoo for Lily’s new do! 😉


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