Posted by: Budger | October 30, 2010

Creamy Cheese Grits and Roasted Bacon

So the one thing I have to say about my cooking gene coming out is that I have learned so many new things.  And the one thing about becoming Gluten Free is that I have tried so many new things.  I have a whole new selection of foods that I like and that I can make. 

I’m a California girl, born, raised, lived there for 28 years.  Then I fell in love and moved with Budgee to the South – New Orleans to be exact.  Now the great thing about New Orleans is that there is lots of great food.  I fell in love with Cajun food while we lived there.  And I tried a lot of different things.  I could see why Southern Food had such a great reputation.  But the one thing I could never learn to love was Grits. 

Grits.  That Southern breakfast delicacy that everyone seemed to love but me, and Budgee.  After 2 years in New Orleans, we moved to the Great State of Texas, and there isn’t a breakfast joint in this state that doesn’t have Grits on the menu.  Piled with butter, sometimes a little cheese, and it seems like everywhere you go, somebody is eating them for breakfast.  I tried them.  I tried them with butter, with cheese, with bacon.  Yuck!  They seemed like gritty oatmeal to me.  But then I went Gluten Free, and I needed something else to eat for breakfast, since bagels, cereal and English Muffins were off the menu.  So I tried Grits again, and again, and again.  Sooner or later they started to grow on me, and I discovered that with a little Pico de Gallo and jalapenos, grits were darn good.  Throw in some cheese and they were really good.  Of course what isn’t good with a little cheese?  And so this California girl now eats her grits regularly.

So one day on The Pioneer Woman RSS feed, there was a recipe for Creamy Cheese Grits with Chilies.  They looked so good.  I couldn’t wait to try them, and that weekend I did.  I made them up with some steaks for dinner, and they were so good that even Budgee tried a little.  They were so good that I ate them for breakfast for the next 3 days.  And went to work with a happy and full tummy.  One day I’m going to make these with some shrimp.  Shrimp and Grits – another Southern tradition and oh so good.

The Pioneer Woman's Creamy Cheese Grits with Chilis

So if you don’t like grits, I say don’t rule them out until you try this recipe.   Check out the pictures at The Pioneer Woman, and you’ll see why I had to try this dish.  Next time I’m going to throw a little bacon in with them.  Hmmm so good, but so bad for the diet.

And speaking of bacon, to help you understand how immature my cooking gene previously was, Budger could not make bacon.  OK I could make it, but it seemed like it was always partially burnt, or crisp on one end and soggy on the other, and always greasy.  So I was watching the Food Network one day, and they had somebody, I don’t remember who, say that the best way to make bacon was to roast it in the oven.  So last weekend, I was making breakfast for Budgee and me, and I decided to try that.  Not only was it easy, but it was a lot less messy.  No bacon grease spatters all over my stove.  I just laid them out on a pan lined with parchment paper, and roasted in the oven for 15 minutes @ 400 degrees. 

Roasted Bacon

And there you go, perfect bacon – perfect bacon that can be crumbled into Creamy Cheese Grits.   Shhhhh!  Don’t tell my Cardiologist.

Oh and by the way, I’m from Southern California, so I consider myself a born and raised Southerner.  Y’all need to try these Grits.



  1. You are making up for lost time with your cooking these days! Woohoo and yum, my dear. Love the oven baking tip, too. 😉


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