Posted by: Budger | October 3, 2010

Indian Chicken and Mushroom Curry

When we were dating Budgee used to always make Curry Chicken whenever I went over to his condo for dinner.  It was OK, but I was not a fan of the curry.  So over the years, I have not been a fan of Indian Food.  However since I’ve started cooking I have gravitated to dishes that are spicy, and I have been wanting to try a curry dish for a few months.  I got brave today.  It wasn’t the greatest thing I’ve ever made, but it wasn’t the worst.  I discovered that my kitchen is very unprepared for most Indian recipes, and therefore, I picked the most generic recipe I could find. 

The chicken was very moist and tasty.  I soaked it in buttermilk prior to putting the rub on it.  Next time I will try it with yogurt.  I really liked the Mushroom Curry, but it was screaming for some ginger, which I did not have enough of.  Here are the links to the two recipes.  I pretty much followed the chicken recipe, except for the turmeric.  I didn’t have any of that.  I have a hard time calling this Tandoori Chicken, as it really isn’t.  But it was very tasty.

I found the recipe for the Mushroom Curry at VegWeb.  I put it over Basmati rice, and it would have been perfect if I had had more Ginger.  So here is the picture of my first adventure into Indian Cooking. 


This was definitely stepping outside the box for me.  But I am anxious to try it again.


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