Posted by: Budger | September 20, 2010

I have a love/hate relationship with my grocery store

Going to the grocery store has always been one of my most dreaded chores.  We live in an area where there are 3 major grocery chains and several years ago, one of them started building a new store near our home.  I was so excited.  When I worked on a project in Austin many years ago, I had regularly shopped at this store, and I was elated there was going to be one near my home.  And then it opened.  Apparently I wasn’t the only person who was excited to see it open. 

For the first three months, the parking lot was packed.  I kept rationalizing that as soon as the newness wore off it would settle down and be as accessible as the other stores.  In the meantime, I would shop elsewhere.  Well months turned into years, and it never changed.  I tried shopping there once, and it was such a zoo, that I left after only getting a few of the things that I needed. 

Once I started my Gluten Free diet, I realized that I needed to go back, as they had the best selection of Gluten Free items. fresh produce and meats.  It’s still a zoo, and now that I shop there regularly I have decided I have a love/hate relationship.  It has the best produce, meats and a cheese selection that will have you worshipping at the counter.  But going to the store requires a mindset similar to a combination NASCAR race and demolition derby driver.  There are people everywhere.  You can’t go down the aisle without having to move your cart out of the way, or waiting for someone to move their cart out of the way to get by.  My average shopping trip has gone from an hour to two.  And yes I have tried different times. 

But once I get home, I am always so happy with what I have.  And now every week, I make my list to go back.  Back into the quagmire of people.  Back into the carnival atmosphere of demonstration tables, kids, carts and foodies.  Back to the altar of cheese.  I have become a master of shopping cart bump drafting.  Why is it that simple things have to be so difficult?


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