Posted by: Budger | July 13, 2010

Summer in Texas = HOT, HOT, HOT

It’s summer in Texas.  And that means one thing…can you say HOT, HOT, HOT?  I am used to hot weather.  I grew up in the valleys of Southern California, the majority of my youth less than an hour from Palm Springs.  So hot is not new to me.  However after 16 years in Texas, I don’t think I will ever get used to the Texas heat.  It seems way more intense, and it has that extra something special called humidity. 

My skin loves the humidity.  Whenever I travel to a dry climate now, as soon as I get back to the SE Texas humidity, I can feel my skin sucking it up like a sponge.  However when you’re trying to do daily activities, it’s not quite so much fun.  Take riding a bike.  So I am now registered for the Tour de Cure ride for Diabetes coming up in September.  I need to train.  But walking outside at 6am and feeling like I’m being wrapped in a wet blanket is not inviting.  I force myself to go out, and fortunately with riding a bike, there is a little bit of a breeze, and I quickly find myself getting into the groove, despite the heat. 

Seen on my ride this weekend (sorry folks I did not stop to take a picture) a snake slithering in the road (I didn’t identify it any further than it had that triangle-shaped head which means bad news), more baby ducks, and some vultures.  I think the vultures saw me and saw a future dinner if I kept riding.  I only made it for an hour and twenty minutes before the heat started to overtake me.  I am probably a little more cautious after my episode of heat stroke from riding last summer, so I outsmarted the vultures, and called it a morning early.  

Thanks to an indoor trainer, a very large fan, and A/C, I am now riding with my buddy Lance in the Tour de France. 🙂  I missed the first time trial, so I have yet to have our rematch, (see my post from last summer) but there is another time trial coming up at the end of the tour.  This year, Lance, you’re going down! 

I am now down 11 1/2 pounds, and sort of on track for my weekly exercise.  Sort of…do bicep curls with a gluten-free beer count?


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