Posted by: Budger | June 24, 2010

Welcome Summer – Spanish-Style Brined Pork Tenderloin and Sauteed Brussels Sprouts

So guess what?  Budger can make up a recipe too.  I actually made this a few weeks ago, but I have made the Brussels Sprouts a few times since.  BudgeE has gotten very fond of the Brussels Sprouts.  I am proud of this because I made them up.  This long-lost cooking gene is really getting active.

Sauteed Brussels Sprouts

So I found the recipe for the pork tenderloin on, and I was trying to think of something new and different to make with it.  I love asparagus, but it is not one of Budgee’s favorites.  Also I was wanting to make something that was fairly seasonal.  So when walking through the store, I found some Brussels Sprouts.  My memories of Brussels Sprouts were boiled, and kind of mushy and not very tasty.  So I figured I could only improve on that.  How do you improve on that?  Bacon.  Bacon can make anything better.  So here is what I did.

Sautéed Brussels Sprouts

  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Lemon Juice
  • Lemon Zest
  • Pancetta
  • Minced Garlic

I added the Brussels Sprouts and then lemon and garlic to a Ziploc bag, and shook it up to coat.  I set them aside while I prepared the pork for the grill, and sautéed the pancetta.  After sautéing the pancetta, I added the Brussels Sprouts and cooked on medium until browned.  Covered with a lid and steamed for about 10 minutes until soft but not mushy.  Served with another splash of lemon juice.

The recipe for the pork tenderloin can be found here.  Of course I grilled it.  🙂  Have I mentioned how much I love my grill? 

Here is how it came out.  It was so yummy.  The pork was so tender, and the Brussels Sprouts were a hit.  Like I said they have been on the repeat.  A little mushroom risotto and dinner was a hit.  Even BudgeE was impressed.  He doesn’t understand the taking pictures prior to eating though.

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On another note, I have lost another 1.8 pounds!  Yay!  And I have worked out three times since the last check-in.  I didn’t ride my bike outside, but I did hook it up to the stationary trainer, and gave it a whiz inside.  Yeah I know, but it’s only June, and it’s 98 degrees.  Welcome Texas summer!



  1. WOW! Talk about cooking genes coming out of the closet. You would not even look at a leaf of lettuce as a child and now you are creating recipes for Brussels sprouts. No wonder my dear son-in-law is wandering around in dazed confusion.

    Love you,

    Your proud mama

    • Thank you Mom. I love you too!

  2. Absolutely! Bacon does make anything better! I am not a big fan of Brussel Sprouts, but try to get a good share of veggies in…so I really appreciated this recipe and will try it in the near future. I do love asparagus though and have actually sauteed it in butter and garlic…not very healthy I suppose, but delicious! Thanks for the blogs, I so enjoy reading them! Love your cousin Jeannie

  3. […] received a message from Budgee that said “I’m jonesing for your Brussels Sprouts.”  So my initial reaction that I had just been spammed, but then I […]

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