Posted by: Budger | June 18, 2010

I’m a YoYo

Some days I think I invented the YoYo diet.  (Sorry Al Gore, you can’t have this and the internet too.)  I have been up and down on the scales so many times that I get dizzy just thinking about it.  But my latest yoyo was when I started eating the gluten-free diet.  I went back to my doctor after 2 months, and I had gained 20 pounds.  15 of those pounds were in the first 6 weeks.  As I said to Budgee (hubby), I look like the Pillsbury Dough Boy, which is ironic since I can no longer eat Pillsbury dough.  After talking to my doc, he told me not to worry about it right now.  Get the diet down first, and then worry about the weight.  I made him promise he would talk my Cardiologist down from the ledge when he heard that news.

Anyway, I am now closing in on Month 5 of gluten-free, and I’m feeling pretty good.  I still struggle with some things, and last weekend I ate something that brought on the excruciating gut pain and worse, and I went through a yoyo of emotions, but for the most part I am holding steady.  The one thing I can say is that I am eating better than I have ever eaten in my life.  Fresh fruit and vegetables.  I’ve become a regular at my local farmer’s market.  I even picked fresh Peaches out of an orchard. 

The other major change was that I quit Weight Watchers.  I have always had success with Weight Watchers, but I was very discouraged that they do not provide a lot of support for those having to follow a gluten-free diet.  Even my leader said to me “do you really have to do that?”  and “can’t you eat a little?”  Really?  I don’t need that kind of support.  So I looked around, and I have been tracking my weight on  And I am trying to eat whole unprocessed foods following the 90/10 rule.  I take my lunch to work every day, and have been cooking more on the weekends so we have leftovers during the week.  If I could just get rid of my 3+ hour round trip commute for work every day I would do more cooking during the week.  But that’s a different blog.  Anyway it is working.

This morning I got on the scale, and I have lost 8 pounds.  Yay!!!  This is important, as I need to start training for my upcoming September Tour de Cure for Diabetes bike ride, and I need a smaller butt and gut to get on my bike seat.  And to hold myself accountable, I will be blogging my weight loss and training efforts here.  Keep me honest and on my toes!  And feel free to verbally kick my butt if I don’t follow through.  I guarantee you I won’t be perfect.  But it’s about the journey.  A lifestyle change.

Yo YoYo, you’re going down!



  1. Hey Rhonda – I just wanted to add my two cents. I have been yo-yoing too! reading your blog this morning just helped me to know that im not alone in this battle. I was over 200 pounds in March of last year because I was eating whatever I wanted, including all the pasta I wanted and ice cream! Oh how I love my ice cream! But towards the end of that Month I went back to the gym and I didn’t even want to know how much I weighed so I had one of my best friends, who is also one of the teachers, look at the ‘number’. We weighed together once a week and FINALLY she said, it went down! At that point, I really started watching EVERYTHING I put in my mouth. In the past, I never allowed myself to have the yummy stuff that I had cut out of my diet! Now I just adopted the old everything in moderation! So if I want a piece of cake at the family birthday get together, I have a sliver and just a REALLY small portion of ice cream. So at least I got my eating ‘lifestyle’ back under control again. The other thing that I was blessed to be able to do consistently, is get to my gym 4 days a week. I was taking 2 Pump (weight lifting) classes a week and two Step classes a week and then the both of them back to back every other Sunday! I lost almost 30 pounds and had lost iches in places that I never thought I would – hips and butt! Then, in February of this year, on my birthday, I went back to work after 2 and a half years of being unemployed like so many others. Ironically enough, in the Wellness department of United Health Care! So I talk to people all over the country that have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes and Body Mass Indexes that are sometimes, off the chart – literally! While I am not able to be at the gym 3-4 days a week anymore, the one thing that is helping is how I eat. I also have learned to appreciate raw fruits and vegetables! Salads are my favorite because there are so many things that you can put into them that I love. So when I go without eating starchy carbohydrates or VERY few, people look at me like im nuts! I told one of my co-workers that I could live on salads and she told me that there was no way that she could do it! I used to be in that ‘club’ too! So im with you girlfriend! As our ages go North, it gets harder but you know what, I think I figured out 90 percent of the battle! I think it has to do with what I put in my mouth. Thank you for your blog. I would love to know your feedback on my little ‘contribution’ here. Take care and keep up the good work! Good for you for figuring out that the GLUTEN FREE thing really works. Talk to you soon. Take care, Melinda

    • Melinda – Congratulations on your success! When it comes to yoyo dieting you are not alone. 10 years ago I lost 40 pounds and then I gained it back. 5 years ago I lost 65 pounds, and I’ve gained it back. I am the master of losing weight, but not very good at keeping it off. I am hoping to break that trend this time, since I am eating healthier. I’ve quit worrying about how I look (I’m never going to have thin thighs.), and worry now about how I feel. Hang in there! Rhonda

  2. You go girl you can do it!!!! We will follow along and hold your up!!!
    Gracefully Gulten-Free

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