Posted by: Budger | June 6, 2010

Product Review – Splash! Pomegranate Reduction Sauce

MarXana Brand Foods sent me a sample of their Black Currant Cabernet Pomegranate Reduction Sauce a few weeks ago.  They have other flavors – Blueberry Merlot, Tart Cherry Syrah – but I had to go with the Cabernet.  I was very excited to try this, as it is my first product review.  And this reduction sauce is gluten-free with no preservatives or fillers.  When the sample arrived, I reviewed the suggested recipes and picked out a few that I wanted to try.  OK so I know you’re shocked but my first choice was to use it as a marinade so that I could put something on the grill.  Have I mentioned how much I love my grill? 

So I decided to go with a pork tenderloin.  I created a marinade from the Pomegranate reduction sauce, and let the meat marinate for a couple of hours.  I then put the tenderloin on medium indirect heat, and voila!  Black Currant Cabernet Pork Tenderloin is born.  I served it up with some Mushroom Risotto, and hubby proclaimed it a hit.  I thought it was OK.  It was very sweet, and I thought it would have gone better on beef.  It worked well as a marinade, and left the meat very tender, but I did not like the flavor pairing with the pork.  Here are the results. 

Pomegranate Pork Tenderloin


A week later, I tried it as a vinaigrette mixed with equal parts Balsamic Vinegar on a salad, and I really liked that.  It had a tangy sweet flavor, and made my salad quite tasty.  And for my final try I splashed it over some blueberries, strawberries and raspberries topped with some Mascarpone cheese.  That was my favorite!  It was great with the berries and cheese. I have some leftover, and I will definitely be trying it with the berries and cheese again. 

Splash! Pomegranate Black Currant Cabernet Sauce


Thank you MarXana Foods for asking me to try your product!


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