Posted by: Budger | May 13, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day Baking

As I wrote in my previous blog post “I think the Cooking Gene skipped a generation“, this cooking thing is new to me.  But baking…I haven’t really tried baking since my college days.  In other words, a long freaking time ago, I made some cookies and threw them in the oven.  Does it matter that they came in a tube, and all I had to do was slice them into something resembling a cookie shape?  But now that I have been gluten-free I thought it was time to revisit the oven. 

My mother is a great baker.  Some of my favorite childhood memories are from when she would bake bread, and we would get a slice while it was still warm complete with butter.  And she made what we called Beazers out of the leftover pie crust.  Turns out everyone I know grew up with something similar to Beazers, but they all called them something different.  When my mom baked a cake, I was always there to lick the bowl.   So for Mother’s Day my mom and I had made plans for her to come down, and so I asked her if she would be willing to try some gluten-free baking with me.  She was actually very excited.  I think because it was a rare occasion that I was asking her to work with me in the kitchen.  But she was very willing, and we emailed back and forth on a couple of ideas. 

She was coming down on Friday night, and so I left work early on Friday so that I could go to the store and get everything that we needed.  After two treks to two different HEB’s I finally got all of the ingredients needed for our day of baking.  On plan for the weekend, was Mini Cheddar Biscuits, Rosemary Boule Bread, and Macadamia Nut Tart.  I also picked up what I needed for Turkey Tenderloins with White Wine and Mushroom risotto, Sausage and Potato Fritatta and Braised Short Ribs for Saturday night. 

We had a great time, and I would say we had a little better than a 50% success rate for the first attempt at gluten-free baking.  My husband spent the weekend wandering aimlessly into the kitchen, looking at my mom and saying “Where’s my wife?” before wandering out.  Personally I think after all these years it’s a good thing to keep him wondering.  Below is a preview of some of the weekend’s goodies.  I will be following up in future posts with the recipes.   We were very close to perfection with the Macadamia Nut Tart, but I forgot to set the timer on the oven, and my mom and I got engrossed in the Food Network and chatting.  What’s a few burned Macadamia Nuts among family and friends?

So what I learned is that gluten-free baking is not as intimidating as it first seems.  However my first attempt with Sorghum Flour left me thinking that it would make a better patching material for my kitchen tile grout.  (And it matches too.)  However I will continue to experiment.  Any tips are welcome.   Meantime that long-lost cooking gene is continuing to develop.  (Really Mom it’s me.  And Happy Mother’s Day!)  And to my dear hubby just think of me like the weather in Texas – if you wait around long enough I will change. 

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