Posted by: Budger | April 25, 2010

Budging Gluten on the Road – The Results

I have to say that my first Gluten-Free business trip was a success.  As I wrote in my previous post, I was very worried about this trip.  I had a 3 hour presentation to do on Friday morning, and I did not want any complications.  So I planned.  I took some snack bars and some Gluten-Free crackers, and hoped it would work. 

The first credit goes to The Melting Pot in Bricktown OKC.  A small group of co-workers and I decided to go there on Wednesday night to look at their menu.  My co-workers were leaving it up to me as to whether we could eat there.  I asked the hostess if they had a gluten-free menu, and amazingly they did.  They had just rolled it out internally – they are rolling it out in every location on May 10 – but the wait staff had been trained.  Sold!  It was great.  The waiter was very helpful, and we had a really nice dinner, that everyone enjoyed. 

As predicted, the host of the meeting ordered in sandwich fixings for lunch on Thursday.  So I ate some lunchmeat with my crackers and some chips.  However the two low points of the trip were Thursday night when we went for Mexican food.  For the first time in my 46 years of life, I did not eat a SINGLE chip.  I love chips and salsa, and this has always been my dieting downfall in my long struggle with my weight.  I also love Mexican food.  I could eat it 3 times a day, and have considered this one of the best benefits of living in Texas.  There is no BAD Mexican food in Texas.  But no matter how “good” I was being on a diet, I have never been able to resist eating chips and salsa.  I have quizzed all of the Mexican restaurants in my immediate area, and I know who has true gluten-free chips, and who has the ones that are possibly cross-contaminated, and who has the non-gluten-free chips, so I still get to eat chips and salsa.  However when I arrived in OKC, I had sent an email to the Mexican restaurant, and they had replied that their chips were not gluten-free.  Hence my sitting across from a chip bowl for 2 hours and not getting to sample a single one.  I almost cried.  This time I could not risk it.  I was less than a day away from my presentation. 

Friday came and lunch was brought in during my presentation, and as they announced that lunch had been delivered, I knew what it was before they even brought it in the room.  Pizza.  Who can’t recognize the smell of pizza?  As I was resigning myself to an afternoon of crackers and whatever I could find at the airport, my good friend and co-worker came up and said that she would go get me a salad at the deli across the street.  How would I ever be able to do this without friends?

And that is the second, and most important, credit for this trip.  I would not be able to do this without my friends who are aware of my diet, and work with me to adapt to it.  I have had several friends who are on the lookout for gluten-free products, and bring in suggestions, and samples, from their shopping trips.  I have met via Facebook, Twitter and many blogs several people who have offered huge suggestions and support.  Thank you especially to Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom.  I came across this blog on day 2 of my gluten-free life, and I have gotten many ideas and tips from reading.  Without the encouragement of my friends and others, I think I would have given up.  Next week I will be in Week 8, and I return to my doctor.  Although going on a gluten-free diet can be intimidating, it is doable.  And in my case it is way better than the consequences.


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