Posted by: Budger | April 20, 2010

Budging Gluten on the Road

My first business trip of my Gluten Free life starts tomorrow, and I’m a nervous wreck.  I am going out-of-town on a sales gig.  I have a lengthy presentation to do on Friday, and the LAST thing I need is to get “budged” by an accidental gluten ingestion.  Now that I am “gluten-free”, when I get budged by gluten now, it is a very painful experience.  However the last thing I want to do is play 20 questions with the waiter in front of a bunch of potential clients that I don’t know, so I am trying to plan ahead of time.

They are ordering lunch in to the meetings, and I am betting that it will be sandwiches.  So I am taking some snack bars, (thank God for Enjoy Life snack bars) so that I will have something to eat.  I am taking some snacks for breakfast, and for dinner, I will just have to fall back on the grilled meat, grilled veggies standby.  So I am hoping that my first trek on the road will result in me budging Gluten, rather than Gluten budging me.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed.



  1. Sweetie you be brave. You are truly an inspiration. Why don’t you try packing a sandwich made with a gluten free bun. I am sure there are lots of them there. I mean if we can buy them here , I know there is a much wider choice in the USA. Can you eat cheese? If you can then you can make a nice little sandwich with cheese and some cucumbers and peppers. It is really yummie. I always eat like that when I am not sure what the qualitiy of meat is. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. Knock em dead girl.

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