Posted by: Budger | April 2, 2010

I think the cooking gene skipped a generation…..

I have never been very domestic.  Although I like a clean house, my house is not a museum.  I don’t get hung up on my living room looking like a model home.  I am not very creative.  Although I am tired of my white walls, I’m not compelled to paint, and quite frankly more than a little afraid of it.  (This drives BFF Shubie Doo crazy.  She wants to decorate my house, and I won’t let her.)  And although I am the daughter of one of the most creative people I know, I don’t generally “make” things.  My mom knits, sews, cooks, decorates cakes, does crafts, and did I mention COOKS?  She loves to do all of these things, and over the years, she has tried, oh how she has tried, to teach me and get me to enjoy them with her.  But when it comes to stuff like this, I have no patience, and it generally ended up being less than a successful Mother/Daughter bonding moment.  My mom loves to cook so much, that one year my dad sent her to a 2 week cooking school at a Culinary institute in France.  She spent months taking conversational French, and came back a certified gourmet.  So not only does my mom love to cook, but she loves to cook for my husband.  I don’t love to cook.  I love to grill, and I like to do holiday dinners, but everyday creative stuff is not my thing.  By the time I get home from work, it’s all up to what can go on the grill, make a salad and some other side.  My dinners are good, but not real creative. 

One weekend, while we were visiting my mom, and she was spoiling my husband, my dad started joking about hubby having gotten the shaft in the cooking department.  (This is no news flash to hubby.  I burned the dinner I made him on our first official date.)  My husband responded, “I think the cooking gene skipped a generation.”  And that has been the tag ever since…..until about a year ago.  I was looking for some new grill ideas, and Bobby Flay’s Boy Meets Grill was on, and I was watching.  Then I left it on the Food Network, and got into Iron Chef.  Slowly but surely, I have gotten addicted to the Food Network.  Chopped, Barefoot Contessa, Throwdown with Bobby Flay – I love to watch, and I started getting ideas.  Next thing you know I have a userid to a recipe website, and I’ve signed up for recipe newsletters.  I start cooking, not just grilling.  Hubby is confused.  He thinks aliens have stolen his wife.  I even surprised him with a Valentine’s Dinner, and I didn’t burn it.  He comes home to meals in the crockpot.  I cook extra for leftovers.  I’m still not real creative, but I’m trying.  And then one night, as he watched me make dinner, he scratched his head and said, “maybe the cooking gene was just laying dormant?”

I don’t know.  I can tell you that I have not taken up knitting or sewing.  I still don’t have a compulsion for crafts.  (Another thing that drives BFF Shubie Doo crazy.  She wants me to scrapbook with her.  Budger  – scrapbook?  Can somebody please get me a gun?)  Really the only creative thing I do is write, and not very well at that either.  But I am enjoying the cooking.  And now that I’m trying the Gluten Free thing, cooking has gotten a little more challenging, and a lot more important.  Even my mom finds the situation very curious.  When I call her for tips, there is a huge pause, as if she is trying to recognize who is on the phone.  Really Mom, it’s me, your daughter.  And I think the cooking gene found a generation.



  1. Rhonda,

    First, I think you are an excellent writer, I love your posts! And second, I feel you on the cooking thing. Have you seen Nigella Lawson? Her show is awesome and her cookbooks are too!

  2. I hear you! Every time I say “oh, that sounds good – we should make that” I wonder who has possessed my body.

  3. I love your writing! And I am super interested in hearing how your gluten free adventure turns out, so keep us posted please. 🙂

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