Posted by: Budger | September 20, 2009

One Mile at a Time

Welcome to my new blog!  I decided it was time to “upgrade” to something more blog-like.  If you’re here, and you want to read some of my older posts, feel free to visit my old blog at

So – it’s Bike MS time of the year again, and I have found myself, once again, feeling very unprepared.  It has been a very long year full of lots of change.  Even the Bike MS ride this year has changed.  Instead of doing the Bike to the Beach from San Antonio to Corpus Christi, we are doing the Ride to the River, and riding from San Antonio to New Braunfels.  There has been a significant amount of change at work with multiple layoffs and the changes associated with that.  It has been difficult as most of these people I have been friends with for a very long time. 

I have been trying to deal with the changes at work and the stress as positively as possible.  After finding that I was getting into my old “comfort food” habits, I started back on my diet.   I have been trying to ride my bike as an additional stress reliever, and this year, I enjoyed my vacation more than any in recent years.  It was so good to be away.  But I still find myself getting into the occasional funk, and struggling to get out of it. 

Consequently here we are, two weeks away, from the big ride, and I have just started my fundraising, have not bought any bike supplies or made any lists.  Oh the shock of it all!  Yes Shubie – I have not made any lists yet.  But this morning as I went out for a bike ride, I did give myself my annual peptalk. 

One mile at a time – whenever I find myself in a funk (overwhelmed at work, overwhelmed with my diet, overwhelmed with whatever) I try to get back into the swing one thing at a time.  Now mind you, I’m not perfect, so this usually occurs after I have spun myself up and purged my soul to whatever poor friend happens to answer the phone, (thank you for answering yesterday Shubie), but I eventually get back to center.  One thing at a time, one meal at a time, one mile at a time – that is my mantra. 

So am I going to make all 150 miles in this years Bike MS Ride?  No, but that is not why I’m there.  I’m there to raise money to fight MS and to face my own personal challenges.  The biggest one being that I am there in the first place.  And I’m going to have a great time while doing it.  I will be surrounded by friends, and celebrating being on the bike.  If you would like to support MS and this journey, please feel free to visit my rider page at  

Also feel free to check back here, as I will be blogging more as I get closer to the ride.  I will also share pictures after. 

I invite you to follow my journey – one mile at a time.



  1. One thought about your “diet”, based on personal experience: Somehow by definition, going on a “diet” sounds negative. It’s self-deprivation. And I think a part of our psyche is inherently inclined to rebel against such an act.

    I found success not by “dieting”, but by thinking about wanting to be healthy and thinking differently about how I ate. I consciously avoided almost all processed, manufactured food – within a degree reason – but let myself eat almost as much whole, natural foods as I wanted. I found that having a good supply of tasty fruit around all the time was key. I did also track my intake on to better understand my total intake, because in the end, it’s the total calorie equation that matters.

    My bottom line: find a way that makes eating well feel like a good thing – a real act of self love, which it is.

    If you ever want to chat further, let me know! 🙂

  2. Glad to be of service….
    Just remember to have fun and don’t get all spun up about it.

  3. Have a great time this weekend! I can’t wait to follow more of your journey…

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