Posted by: Budger | May 7, 2009

Don’t compare your life to others’. You have no idea what their journey is all about.

Once again I am behind in keeping my blog up to date.  But recently, I was sent a list of 45 life lessons, and the title of this blog resonated with me. 

Now I realize that the following revelation is going to come as a shock to most of you, but sometimes I can get spun up in my own crap. NO!  Really?  OK Shannon – you can comment at the end.  And when this happens, I can lose sight that everyone has a journey; it’s just a different journey than mine.

Recently I participated in a Ladies Riding group and Coaching Series.  The goal of the group was to ride together every week learning new skills, and at the end to complete a metric century (60 mile) ride.  It was an 8 week series, and in my usual way I agonized over whether to do this.  I wasn’t sure I was strong enough.  I didn’t want to bring anyone else down.  I didn’t want to slow the rest of the group down.  Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Anyway after talking with the coach, I finally signed up, and my first ride out was less than memorable.  I was feeling very tired from a ride the day before, and I couldn’t even finish one loop with the group.  Two days later I came down with a stomach virus, so I missed the 2nd ride, and I sent the coach an email that I was going to drop.

I figured she was going to be relieved, and say we’ll catch you another time.  Instead what she said was – I have three other ladies with health issues, so don’t worry about yours.  You’ll fit in fine.  Do what you can. 

What? And not worry about what everyone else is doing around me?

  idea smiley, idea smiley, animated smiley, animation smileyNow there’s a concept.  Isn’t it amazing that after 45 years, you still have to relearn the same life lessons over again?  So I kept going. 

Although I never finished one of the rides feeling great about what I had done, I felt good, and I could tell I was getting stronger.  But most importantly I made some new riding friends, and I learned about their journeys.  090322 Training Ride 007Three of the ladies were doing the Houston to Austin MS ride – two for the first time.  Two  of the ladies had just taken up cycling earlier this year.  One was a single mom that could only ride on Sundays because she worked Monday through Saturday.  One was riding with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  It was a fun group, and I learned a lot.  I admired these women for their dedication and understanding.  And at the end I wasn’t able to do 60 miles, but I did 34 which was a personal best for me.   The ladies were very encouraging, and after our ride we shared lunch, wine and some laughs. 

It’s still all about the journey – whatever road you’re on.  Thank you Spokes Women for being part of mine, and encouraging me to be part of yours.  And thank you Coach Lori for all of the help.

090329 Bluebonnet Express 007


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