Posted by: Budger | October 9, 2008

What is a Pace Maker?

So I think everyone knows by now what aTeam Photo 1 pacemaker is – think little battery operated device that signals the heart to beat.  But what is a Pace Maker?  Or more specifically what is a P2 Pace Maker?  Well a P2 Pace Maker is a group of people that are all heart and fully energized.  Once again I had the honor of spending the weekend with the P2 Pace Makers and watching them in action.

This last weekend was the Rhonda Tom and Phil Rolling thru start 2008 Valero Bike to the Beach ride from San Antonio to Corpus Christi.  We had a team of 35 riders and 10 support, 4 SAG vehicles, 1 truck and trailer full of tents and gear, 35 bikes, and one canine mascot.  We raised over $20,000 to benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and had a blast in the process.  We had a few wrecks, but nobody was the worse for wear.

I made a strategy to stop before I got tired, 1 year anniversary of Little George and save my energy.  This worked well, as I rode better than I have in over a year and was able to do 30+ miles on each day.  I did 65 miles total.  As I crossed the finish line on Saturday, I celebrated the one year anniversary of my pacemaker.  It was an emotional moment as I had many doubts over the last year as to whether I would ever ride again. 

But Rhonda and Shannonas excited as I was about my own accomplishment, it was experiencing the teamwork of the Pace Makers that made the weekend the most worthwhile.  They stayed with their buddies, traded bikes where necessary and cheered each other on.  I was honored to be able to call myself one of them. 

Thank you to all Sponsorshipwho sponsored me and supported me during the last year.  And to Medtronic, the maker of my pacemaker, thank you for making a wonderful device and for also sponsoring me.    It was a great weekend, and the P2 Pace Makers rocked!  Go Pace Makers!



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