Posted by: Budger | September 30, 2008

One Mile at a Time

It’s been a busy September for us.  Tour de Pink 2008First I got to do the Tour de Pink ride on September 7.  It was a great ride with hills, and it was my first test on a hilly course.  I did good.  I didn’t go as far as I would have liked, but I made it up and over every hill I did complete on my bike.  

From there September just got interesting.  We had the hurricane, and then I had my company’s user conference in Keystone.  I spent a week with my mom, and I rode a lot at her house.  I haven’t been able to get in any major miles, but I tried to go out and ride for an hour every day. 

Last weekend was the Cy-Fair Lion’s ride.  I was determined to go out and do this ride better than I did last year.  Although it was no blaze of glory, I did do better.  I didn’t walk any of the ride.  I rode every hill.  It was the longest “itty bitty 12 mile ride” I have ever done.  Yes that’s it – 12 miles – but those 12 miles felt like 100, and in my world they were.  So this weekend I am going into the MS ride with a whole new perspective.  My journey is now a journey one mile at a time.  And I’m looking at my miles from a different perspective as well.  Sort of like watching a Chihuahua run alongside a Great Dane.  The Chihuahua may be able to match the distance that the Great Dane runs, but it has to work a lot harder to do it.


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