Posted by: Budger | September 1, 2008

The Angel and the Devil on My Shoulders

AngelI’m sure all of you have seen the commercials and cartoons with the representation of your “good” conscience and “bad” conscience with an angel and a devil on the shoulder.  I can so relate to that as I feel like every time that I ride I have an internal argument.  It starts from the minute I get up and continues out to the bike.  If recorded it would go something like this…

Devil: Why do I do this?

Angel: Because you have to.  You have to stay healthy.

Devil: Healthy? I’d rather be in bed eating Enchiladas.

Angel: Only 5 more miles.  You can do it.

Devil: I’m tired.  Shut up!Devil

Sometimes it’s so bad that I have this conversation out loud.  I’m sure people seeing me go by on the road think that I’m a crazy woman on a bike.  Maybe I am.  But for now I am keeping the devil at bay…one ride at a time. 


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