Posted by: Budger | June 15, 2008

Give it a Tri

Last weekend, I got the opportunity to watch the women of Shannon’s family at the Danskin Triathlon in Austin TX.  I have adopted Shannon’s family as part of my own, and I was looking forward to going.  I got to meet Shannon’s oldest niece Bethany, who is an Ironman Triathlete, and cheer on Bethany and Melissa (her other niece) as they completed the whole triathlon, as well as cheer Kathy, Vicki and Shannon as they completed a relay triathlon.  Kathy, Shannon’s sister (and Bethany and Melissa’s mom) was doing the swim; Vicki, Shannon’s mom, was doing the bike, and Shannon was doing the run.

Bethany Pre Swim Melissa Pre Swim

Although it was very hot in Austin, we had a great weekend.  I also got to visit again with Ross, the Trek Fit for Women Tour rep, who helped me when I tried out my new bike.  Ross is in the pic Ross is a hoot, and she let me hang out in her trailer area to relax and stay cool as if I had really been doing anything other than standing around WATCHING athletes.

  Damn Watching this is tiring

Ross was not having a lot of success getting women to ride her bikes in the race.  If I had known that earlier I would have fixed Shannon’s family up with Ross for some race bikes.  We were wearing our Trek Women Who Ride Club jerseys, and spent a lot of time talking to Ross about Trek, her demo trailer and the different events she goes to.

Bethany and Melissa did a great job on the tri, and it was amazing to watch as they got ready and made it through the transitions.  But the most amazing was watching Shannon’s mom Vicki.  Vicki is 65 years old, and she was nervous about the race even though she kicks everybody’s butt on the bike.  Just the day before she had knocked out the P2 Pacemakers with her "itty bitty 13 mile ride."   But she did a great job, and when it was over, you could not wipe the smile off of her face.  I was so proud of her.

I did it! Family Affair at Finish

It was very inspiring to watch all of the women, big and small, young and old, giving it their all for the triathlon.  They were so inspiring that there was a small part of me that would like to one day try a Tri.  Maybe I’ll add it to my list.

Trek Women Who Ride


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