Posted by: Budger | June 9, 2008

P2 Pacemakers – Pacing Again

For those of you who don’t remember, the P2 Pacemakers was a team formed by my company to participate in the Texas Independence Relay (TIR) earlier this year.  I was designated the team captain, and we had a 12 member team.  By the way, the name came before I became the mascot.  Well we had so much fun with the TIR that we decided to have a team for the MS150 ride in October.

So this past weekend was one of the official training rides for the San Antonio contingent of the P2 Pacemakers.  I was going to Austin for the weekend to meet up with Shannon and her family for the Danskin Triathlon, and at the last minute on Friday I decided to detour through San Antonio so that I could join the Training Ride Saturday morning.  After all it was just an "itty, bitty 13 mile ride" according to Ma Vick (Shannon’s mom and our official San Antonio Training Ride Coordinator).

We were riding out of Bullis Park in San Antonio.  I had done a ride near there 2 years ago.  Right near the park is a horrendous hill.  We were doing an out and back so at the beginning of the ride I was going to go downhill, but at the end, the HILL – my new San Antonio nemesis – would be waiting for me to go up. 

Going down the hill was a fun, albeit very scary, ride.  Leilani got up to 30 miles an hour.  When I saw that on my bike computer, I was scared to death I was going to wreck, and I started to brake.  So I probably could have gone faster if I wasn’t such a chicken.  Next time, I’ll hold off on the braking.

We got to the halfway point in Bulverde, which has a great little bakery, and enjoyed some Kolaches, and then started back.  It was getting very hot out.  I never made it to my nemesis.  The "baby hills" as Ma Vick likes to call them killed me at 10 miles.  But I had a great training ride, and I got to meet some more of my fellow P2 Pacemakers.  The "hill" awaits for my next San Antonio training ride. 

Here are my stats:

Miles: 10.17

Avg Speed: 10.7 mph

Max Speed: 30.4 mph

Total Descent: 256 feet

Total Ascent: 187 feet

San Antonio Group


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