Posted by: Budger | March 9, 2008

She Needs a Name

Trek Madone 5_1 080308001She’s fast; she’s sleek; she’s PINK.   My new baby, Trek Madone 5.1 WSD,  is here.  I got to pick up the new bike yesterday.  I went in for my fitting in the morning.  I got to pick out my pedals and water bottle cages, get fitted, and then leave my new baby in surgery while everything was installed.  Yesterday afternoon, I went back and picked her up.  Now all I have to do is name her.  Shannon and I agree that since she’s pink, she probably needs a female name, so Lover is out.  I’m trying to come up with something that eludes PINK.  Right now I just call her PINK, but that brings visions of a rocker with Pink hair and tattoos, which is definitely not me, so PINK needs a new name.

This morning I got to ride my new Pink bike.  I’m not exactly sure of my stats, since Gadget Girl didn’t figure out how the Garmin bike computer worked until 3/4 of the way through the ride.  But my new Pink bike is awesome.  I rode her around the hood, and was going an average of 11 mph where normally I would only be doing 10.  PINK is beautiful, and we can’t wait to do a real ride together. 

Trek Madone 5_1 080308003


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