Posted by: Budger | February 27, 2008

Hello Lover!

So for any "Sex and the City" fans, you’ll recognize this as the greeting Carrie would give any new pair of shoes that she wanted to buy.  Sunday was a Bike Barn Ladies Ride at Memorial Park, and as a special event the TREK Fit for Women Demo Trailer was there offering demo rides on various bikes.  IMG00021I made sure that I got there early because I wanted to ride a Women’s Specific Design (WSD) Trek Madone 5.1.  I’ve been bribing myself with promises of a new bike for awhile.  They fixed me up, and I got to ride two different sizes for a total of about 15 miles. 

First shot out of the box, I was on the 54cm.  Unfortunately the bike did not have a bike computer, but I knew I was going fast when I looked up and I was keeping up with a GUY.  Within the first lap, I WAS IN LOVE.  The ride is so smooth due to the carbon, and it was fast.  It shifted like a dream, and took corners like a Ferrari.  This is the Women’s version of the bike that Lance rides.  It is all carbon, weighs less than 12lbs.  The only thing not Lance, is that it does not have the high end Dura Ace components, and no Lance on the seat.  But hey you can’t have everything, right?  I also tried the 56cm, and I think it was a little big for me.  I spent the rest of the ride talking with the Trek representative Ross, and keeping my eye on my new Lover.   IMG00026 Trek was also giving away some cool swag, so I got a new water bottle and tool kit. 

I have no idea what my stats were since the bike didn’t have a computer, and I didn’t ride my bike at all.  I know I went about 15 miles, because I did 10 laps of a 1.5 mile loop.  Here’s a picture of my new fantasy with Ross the Trek Rep putting on pedals for me to ride it.  The paint scheme is called Blossom Silver.  Is it not the coolest?  IMG00028

Monday I went and bought one.  I pick it up next week. 

Hello Lover!


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