Posted by: Budger | February 10, 2008

Thinking Outside the Box

As a project manager, I have often told my team to "think outside the box" when it comes to resolving issues.  Apparently I should do a better job of listening to my own message. 

In February 2007, I received a Nike Heart Rate Monitor as a fund raising prize.  As a certified "gadget girl" I immediately dug it out of the box, read the instructions and tried to use it.  I got on my bike and pedaled my heart out, and I got NOTHING.  No little flashing heart in the corner indicating a heart beat, no BPM reading, nothing.  I fiddled; I reread the instructions; I used the troubleshooting web site at Nike.  I assumed that my monitor was broken.  I thought maybe it needs new batteries, and I put it back in the box and set it aside.

It is BP MS 150 Training season here in Houston.  The largest MS 150 Bike ride occurs from Houston TX to Austin TX in April every year.  It is huge.  They cap it at 13,000 riders, and this year registration capped in less than a month.  I don’t ride in this MS150, primarily because I am scared to death to get on the road with 12,999 other bicyclists, but I do like to participate in the training rides that go on in preparation of the event.  Two weeks ago was the first training ride of the season: the FrostBike 50.  I did this ride last year in the cold and the wind and got blown into a ditch at 8 miles.  Having spent most of January going through additional testing regarding my heart, my goal for this years FrostBike 50 was 10 miles and no going into a ditch.

The beauty of the FrostBike 50 is that it is very close to my house, so I didn’t have to get up at 4:30, and instead got to sleep in until 5:30.  I thought what the hell and broke out the heart rate monitor to wear.  I did my 10 miles, stayed out of the ditch, and although I was very tired I completed the goal.  Yesterday I completed 18 miles in the Puddle for the Ducks ride.  And my not so new heart rate monitor is working…outside the box.  Turns out it was the heart that needed the battery.

Remember February is American Heart Month for the American Heart Association.  Be part of the movement.


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