Posted by: Budger | December 1, 2007

Keeping the Pace Again

So as you all know, on October 4 I had emergency surgery to implant a pacemaker.  (See Keeping the Pace) As part of the recovery, in order to ensure stabilization of the Pacemaker Leads, I was not allowed to raise my left arm above my shoulder, lift any weight with either arm, or put any weight on my arms for six weeks.  That meant no bike riding.  Six weeks was up on November 16, the day before we left for New York.  For the last 8 weeks, I have been looking at my bike alternately wishing I could ride, and then worrying about if I could/would.  I can’t explain my anxiety.  It makes no logical sense.  As Eric told me repeatedly there was nothing that was going to physically keep me from riding.  Only fear…..I was worried about my shoulder and the pacemaker if I fell.  I think I was worried about my heart.  I was afraid I was going to psych myself out. 

Today was my self imposed deadline.  Get out on the bike and prove yourself.  As the last 8 weeks have gone by, the anticipation level of riding again has dwindled as the anxiety level rose.  Before riding today, I had to change the batteries in my bike computer.  As I was reprogramming it, I was so nervous I couldn’t get it programmed.  Finally, I finished, got dressed and started to walk out the door without airing my tires.   Duh!  Eric followed me out to take some pictures.

I got on the bike and managed a short ride with NO wrecks.  I’ve put on a little weight in the last 8 weeks, and I’m out of shape.  But more importantly, I was riding.  I felt good.  I am back in the saddle, keeping the pace again.Dec 1 - 007


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