Posted by: Budger | October 17, 2007

Who inspires you?

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of INSPIRE is "to exert an animating, enlivening, or exalting influence on."  With everything going on lately with my training and my health, many wonderful people have emailed me saying that I have inspired them.  I thank you for that.  It made me think; who inspires me?  Here are a few.

I am inspired, and blessed, by all of the strong women in my life.  From my grand-mother, who was raised in the mountains, and went to school in the back of a wagon to my great-aunt, who at 89 would have flown on the Space Shuttle "in a heart-beat", to my mom.  My mom is my biggest inspiration.  She is strong, sensitive, funny and beautiful.  I’ve watched her struggle as a single mom, go back to school to get a degree, and go through major surgery.  And every time she overcomes her adversity, and she inspires me more. 

My wonderful friends who are always there – whether in the waiting room of a hospital, standing watch and cheering me on or via letters and email – keep me going and believing in myself and the wonders of friendship.  My husband inspires me  to keep my sense of humor sharp and to continue to better myself.  He always believes, even though he may seem skeptical at the start, and believe it or not skepticism is a great motivator.

In school, I wasn’t an outstanding student, but Mr. Jansson made me want to get an education, and even when I lost sight of that goal, he pushed me to keep it in focus.  I never forgot that, and unfortunately was never able to adequately thank him.  Mr. Jansson is the reason this blog doesn’t have more grammatical errors than it does.  He gets all the credit for the parts that are correct, and no credit for the errors that slip through.

I am inspired by any story of anyone overcoming adversity with strength and grace.  I currently follow the blog of Jen and Laura from the Trek Women Who Ride web site.  They are inspirations to all women who ride, particularly this one.  And their blogs are funny to read as well. 

This weekend I will , from the sidelines, in awe as the Brooke Army Medical Center Freedom Fighters ride their Handcycles 150 miles from San Antonio to Corpus Christi.    MS150 Bike to the Beach 2006 042 They will be riding alongside people with MS, and people like me, who ride for the challenge – all inspirations. 

Inspiration can be found anywhere.


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