Posted by: Budger | September 19, 2007

Delete, Delete, Delete…..

Last week I was in Scottsdale at my company’s annual user conference.  One session that I attended particularly resonated.  In a Leadership track session the speaker talked about the importance of removing negative thoughts, thinking and people from your life.  She shared with us a trick she uses for getting out of the "negative zone" by thinking "delete, delete, delete".  I decided to try it, and it works. 

Now we all know that you can’t "delete" negative people, however you can delete their negative thoughts that they INSIST on sharing.  But more importantly I can delete my own negative thoughts.  And I can be my own worst enemy.  I ride 30 miles and think "I should have done 40."  I can make science out of the analysis and reanalysis of food put in my mouth.

Like a lot of people I am a slave to the scale.  My husband teases me that it is my step aerobics program.  And even though I know that I shouldn’t look at my weight every day, I do.  And even though I know that I shouldn’t care if I’m up a day, I do.  I’ve spent more time berating myself on a scale than I’ve spent on airplanes, and that’s a lot.  So yesterday, I got on the scale and it came back and said I was up a pound.  As I was about to swear out loud, I thought "Delete, delete, delete – you’re still on program".

My bike is as an accelerated "delete, delete, delete".  I get on my bike and it is as if all the stresses of my day are being washed away.  Bad day at work – delete, delete, delete.  Traffic was hell – delete, delete, delete.  Worrying about the ride this weekend – delete, delete, delete.  Now nobody’s perfect, and I guarantee that the negative thoughts will occasionally sneak through.  However, when I’m on my bike, I give myself a break.  As long as I pedal, I have no regrets or doubts.  I don’t think about my Lymphedema, or the compression hose on my legs.  There is something about the sound of my pedal cranking and the tire on the road that encourages me and inspires "you can do it – look at what you’ve done so far".  It’s on the bike that I am reminded that it’s about the journey.  My journey is to give the best of what I can every day.  The rest – delete, delete, delete.

Training ride last night – 10 miles


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