Posted by: Budger | September 10, 2007

To Sleep In or Not to Sleep In

Every weekend it is the same.  I go to bed with the best of intentions.  I will get up early and go for a ride before it gets too hot.  I have a routine.  When we go out for our standard weekend Mexican dinner, I don’t drink a Margarita (no matter how much I want one) so that I won’t be dehydrated.  I try to get to bed at my usual time.  I prep my bike before going to bed, and I set my alarm for 5:30AM.  That’s if I’m only riding in the ‘hood.  If I have to go somewhere to ride, I get up earlier.  This gives me time to get up, eat (very important), put on the compression hose (it takes longer than you think) and get dressed.  Every weekend it is the same.  The alarm goes off, and I think, I could just lay here and sleep some more, and then go to breakfast with Eric.  I have a mental battle of wills, and I wish I could say that I battle through successfully every weekend, but I don’t. 
This weekend was no different.  I was so tired, as we had several late nights in a row.  In addition, while we were visiting my mom, we had done a lot of running around in the sun and heat.  Also, it has been so hot, that it really doesn’t matter what time you get up.  It’s always the same as I lay there and will myself to get up.  This time, I rolled over and said to Eric, "how about I ride, and then I’ll ride my bike down and meet you for breakfast?"  OK, it’s a date.
I started out by doing some warm-up laps around the hood and then set-out for the 10 mile jaunt to the breakfast joint.  This will require me navigating through traffic and riding about 3 miles on the Highway 290 frontage road.  I’ve done it twice before, and it always scares the hell out of me.  It always proves to be an interesting challenge.  Yesterday I got flipped off by a man demonstrating the meaning of patience to his children as he waited an extra 30 seconds for me to make it through the intersection.  I followed that up by getting my heart rate up by being chased by a Rottweiler.  Talk about speed. 
I made it for breakfast, and then Eric gave me and the bike a ride home.  Eggs taste better after a ride.  Open-mouthed
This weekend, I will start again.

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