Posted by: Budger | June 17, 2007

March 17-18 Sam Houston PedalFest and K9 Fun Run

Fasten your seat belt, this is going to be a long one. First of all, I have added a new coach. Sandra has signed up to be my strength training coach. We have been going to Bally’s during lunch and working out on the weight machines. So this has been a very busy weekend. It started Saturday morning at 4:30AM. I had made the decision on Friday to do the Sam Houston Pedal Fest ride in Huntsville on Saturday. I got my bike and everything ready Friday night, so that all I had to do on Saturday was get up, eat breakfast and dress. I wanted to be on the road by 5:30, as it was around 1 1/2 hours to Huntsville from my house. So everything was going as planned. I decided to do this ride, because I thought the route would be nice, and I knew it would have hills. I need training on hills I tell myself.

My first problem came when I went to get dressed. For those of you who have heard the story, or experienced it first hand, you’ll remember that on Day One of the MS150 I got a tear in the front part of my bike shorts, in a not very good spot. Denise promptly named it which I won’t repeat. Anyway, all of my bike shorts have the same tear. Apparently I am very hard on that seam. I don’t have time to fix them, so I pick the pair that had the smallest (1/2 inch) tear, and figure that my jersey will cover it. I’m right, as long as I keep my jersey pulled down, I’m in good shape. So off I go.

On the way, i call Shannon to wish her good luck on her run, and end up waking her up, because she is doing her run on Sunday not Saturday. Oh well. I’m telling her about my potential frontal moon, and the possibility of doing a Clarence Thomas in the cookies, while she’s laughing at me. People are always laughing at me. As I get to closer to Huntsville, I’m checking out the hills, and thinking maybe this was not such a good idea after all, but I’m committed now.

The start was at the stadium for Sam Houston State University. It was colder than it has been, and my bike shorts have a draft. The ride is being supported by various troops of the Boy Scouts. Finally we head out, and let the torture begin. The hills were hell. I pedal through one by one, and try to remember what Steve the police officer taught me at the MS150. Finally I make it to rest stop 1 for a quick break. I get a cookie, and I now don’t care whether my jersey covers anything, and head out again. The hills are getting worse not better. I’m also getting slower. Finally, it appears that I am close to Rest Stop 2. I’m at a corner on the route, and I stop to check the map and get a drink of gatorade, and the Turtle SAG pulls in behind me. They had been following me for the last 2 miles. They get out of the van, and tell me they are clearing the route, and that I need to SAG. Part of me is very disappointed, and wants to argue, but I didn’t have the energy, so I hand them my bike. I’ve gone 18.4 miles. I tell myself that 18 miles on hills isn’t bad, but I’m very disappointed. And then to add insult to injury as I’m stepping up to get in the van, I feel the tear in my pants give. I look down and my 1/2 inch tear is now 3 inches. Oh great! I pull off my jacket and wrap it around my waist. They take me back to the start, and they’re telling me that the hills on the last half are worse than at the beginning. Now that makes sense.

As I’m driving home, Eric calls to tell me that he laid down his motorcycle and hurt his ankle. Can I bring him some lunch? Sure why not, I haven’t exposed myself at a Jack in the Box yet. Finally I get home to gimpy who’s ankle is twice the normal size, but other than that he seems to be OK. The bike needs a new windshield and signal light, and it will no longer shift well. He leaves on his work boondoggle, and I make plans for Part 2 of my fitness weekend.

This morning, I get up, get the dogs ready and off we go to walk in the 1 mile Humane Society K9 Fun Run and Walk. I talk to Shannon, and she finished her run. She did great! 13.1 miles. Molly, Maggie and I did the whole mile and I was ready for a nap. I don’t know how Shannon runs 13 miles. I took the pups home, and headed back out to meet Coach Sandra at Bally’s for a weight workout. I am now very sore. Sandra is tryinig to teach me a stretch that is similar to a belly dance move, and I can’t do it. Everytime I try, we break out laughing. Sandra is very patient with me. I don’t think I’m a very good student, but I’m enthusiastic.

Following are my stats:

Bike Miles: 18.41
Avg Speed: 10
Max Speed: 21.5 (Going downhill is scary.)
Avg Cadence: 59 (I tried to keep it up over 70, but it was difficult on the hills.)
Miles Walked: 1
Pooped Pups: 2 – They are now both sleeping upside down on the sofa.


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