Posted by: Budger | September 1, 2006


August 13, 2006
Hi everybody,
I wanted to give you all a quick update.  I’m still doing the biking.  I am now at 58.5 pounds down.  About a month ago I was diagnosed with Lymphedema.  This is where the Lymph system isn’t draining properly.  This explains why I was having all of the swelling in my legs.  It can be debilitating, so I am currently in physical therapy to decrease the swelling, and then I will have to wear compression hose from now on,  even when I ride.  Still I have not given up.  I have registered for the Bike to the Beach, and I will be sending another update on that soon.  Attached is a picture of me taken after I rode 25 miles this morning, after my shower.   You can see my "granny garments" (that is what I call my compression hose).  It was very hot riding in them today, but I am exploring a couple different kinds that might be cooler.  Anyway I thought y’all might want to see a picture of my progress.  Thank you for all of the great support.  I really appreciate it!

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