Posted by: Budger | September 1, 2006

Budger’s Bike Escapades 1

April 27, 2006

Hey Everybody,

Thank you for all of the encouragement with my weight loss and exercise program.  I need all that I can get.  As most of you know, I have now started on a “training” program for the Bike to the Beach which is a 2 day 150 mile bike trip from San Antonio to Corpus Christi in October.  I have a friend that thinks it would be a “good” idea if I did this with her.  I have not decided if I am going to do it yet, but I am in training just the same.  I have given myself until the end of May to decide if I can/should attempt this.  Anyway, following are some of my training adventures.  As background, you must all know that Eric has put up with 14+ years of my wacky ideas, especially when it come to diet and exercise.  He has greeted this latest one with more than a little skepticism.  But while skeptical, he gladly goes along, I think as much for entertainment value as anything else.  So I started down this road 3 weeks ago.  The first challenge was getting Eric to get my bike down from the rafters in the garage.  He was more than a little hesitant to do this, since he was happy that it was out of his way.  As he put it, “you didn’t wear the nubbies off the wheels, when we bought it”  So getting Eric to get the bike down was my first challenge.  But with a little sweet talk, I prevailed.

So three weeks ago, I did my first run.  On Saturday Eric retrieved the bike down from the rafters, and aired up the tires.  I bought a new bike helmet, since my old one had disintegrated from heat in the garage.  Anyway, on Saturday, I just rode it around a little bit while Eric tuned and lubed it.  I ended up doing two laps around the lake, which is actually a flood control pond, in our neighborhood. 


On Sunday, as we were leaving for breakfast I had Eric drive around the lake to see how far it was.  It was 0.8 miles.  Sunday around 11, I put my helmet on and tell Eric I’m going to go out riding.  He’s very skeptical of this whole thing, and more than a little perturbed that the bike is down from the rafters.  Anyway, he asks if I have my cell phone in case I wreck, and where I’m going.  I tell him I’m going to do laps around the lake.  He says how many and I tell him that I am going to do 10 laps.  Again I get the look of skepticism. 


I would go 2-3 laps, and then I would have to stop.  Primarily I had to stop because my rear and hands were going numb.  I don’t know how anybody does that for 150 miles.  Does Lance Armstrong not have any nerves in his hiney?  I was in agony.  Anyway, so every 2-3 laps I would stop and stretch my hands and rear.  So I’m on the 8th lap, and I’m dying; I’ve gone 4 laps without stopping.  My rear is now completely numb, and throbbing down the back of my thighs.  So I make myself a deal, get through the 8 th lap and then take a break and do the final two laps.  Now mind you I have a bigger, padded seat, in addition to the larger, padded seat that I naturally carry with me.  I make it to 8 and Eric is out in the garage.  I stop and talk to him.  He won’t rub my rear to bring circulation back.  Something about being in public.  So I’m telling him that we have to do something with the seat, and that I need padded gloves and bike shorts etc.  He makes some comment about throwing good money after bad.  Anyway he says go finish your two laps.  So he walks back in the garage, and I push off from the curb.  I go 3 feet and splatter all over the lawn.  Face down in a dead patch of lawn complete with stickers.  I’m laying there with my legs all tangled in the bike and stickers in my hands and legs, going Ericccccccccccccccccccccccccc.  Finally he hears me and comes out of the garage, looks at me and goes “What the hell!?  You were vertical a minute ago!”  I tell him to shut up and come help me up.  So while suppressing laughter and many smart-alecky comments helps me up, and says are you going to finish your two laps?  I said no, and waddled my numb butt into the house.


Week #2


I have decided that padded bike shorts and gloves are a must, but since I do not know if this is going to last, I don’t want to spend a lot of money, so I go to REI, and I buy some padded gloves, shorts and a bike computer.  Eric rolls his eyes, because he knows that the bike computer, the bike and he are all about to have an intimate relationship.  Again I get the look.  But I’m getting used to it.  We didn’t get the computer on, but I try out my new shorts and gloves.  At first I am hesitant to go out in public in my padded shorts, but I remember Laura’s words and decide to embrace the spandex.  I ignore the fact that my thighs look like two sausages being squished out of their skins. I manage to go six miles in a head wind.  The shorts definitely make an improvement, but I tell Eric we’re going to have to get a different seat.   Amazingly it seems like it is making a difference.  I lose another two pounds, and my clothes are fitting differently.  Another challenge that I face is that I can only ride on the weekends.  So when I am in Denver, I ride the stationary bike, and I’m going to start going to a Spin class.


Week #3


I am now only 2 pounds away from the 50 pound mark.  A goal that I have been toying with for two months.  I am successful in getting Eric to put the bike computer on.  This will help, because I was getting tired of riding the same route over and over.  The installation of the bike computer involved a lot of swearing, but once complete, he hands me the bike, asks me if I have my cell phone, tells me not to play with the computer while I’m riding, and gives me the standard “don’t wreck” speech.  I waddle off in my bike shorts, gloves and helmet, and off I go.

8 miles later, and only having stopped once, I have seen a lot more of the neighborhood.  I’m starting to think that maybe I can do this.  The bike is working great.  I feel great, and I am enjoying being outside even in the heat.  Yes it is only April, but we’re in our first heat wave and it almost 90 when I was riding.  I didn’t wreck, and my balance is getting better.  I no longer look like a drunk.  If I do this I will have to get a new bike, because mine is a mountain bike not a road bike, but it’s working for right now, and that will get me another look.  I go home and tell Eric that I need to get a new seat, and bike shoes.  I get the look anyway.


I will keep you posted on my continuing adventure.


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